At which stage of the business life-cycle are you?
Helena Chen is a transformation consultant delivering services that have a focus on strategic planning and execution. Using her business lifecycle framework as a reference, Helena specialises in engaging leaders who want to take their entity to the next level of positioning, building or competing in the marketplace.


What do you want for your business?
What is the path for achieving this?
Develop and own a competitive strategy to improve customer engagement and strengthen your position in the marketplace.
Services include strategy development and business planning.

  • Needs analysis
  • Business and product scoping
  • Competitive landscape mapping
  • Opportunities discovery
  • SWOT analysis
  • Risk management
  • Visioning and targets
  • Strategy execution roadmap

“A highly entrepreneurial leader who has demonstrated the rare combination of being able to conceive an idea, create a vision, take people on a journey, execute and deliver focussed outcomes.”

Director, National Risk and Compliance Consultancy


What support do you need? What issues need
to be addressed in order for growth to occur?
Have the right capabilities in place to enable the achievement of your vision, strategy and objectives. Services include coaching and frameworks for people, systems and processes to interact and generate value.

  • Cultural change assessment
  • Structure and skills requirements
  • Competitive landscape mapping
  • Process development
  • External environment scan
  • Execution plan and
  • projects roadmap

“…recommendations which contributed to $12M savings to the company and lay the foundation for future growth…”

Senior Manager, International Management Consulting Company


How will you realise the success that you
know you are capable of?
Execute innovation and improvement initiatives to stay relevant, competitive and to sustain success. Services include innovation scanning, project management, change management and business analysis.

  • Project charter and plan
  • Project governance structure
  • and RACI
  • Tracking and management
  • Stakeholder analysis, engagement
  • and management
  • Review and handover
  • Innovation scanning

“Outstanding leadership and taking responsibility of issues resolution and all aspects of planning…tracking and budget management… deep thinking about the best ways to approach tricky elements of the project… outstanding methods…”

Chief Information Officer, State Government of Victoria

Service difference

My Promise
Collaboration. There will be no counterproductive hierarchies in the way that you and I work together

Customer-centric. We will be constantly thinking – how will what we do benefit the customer?

Continuity. You can deliver on the path that has been paved out for you, even after I am gone. You will be provided with the knowledge and tools to do it.

Customised. It is expected that every leader, every employer, every team member, every business is different – it is exciting to understand your nuances, not the contrary!

“Without her tenacity and follow-up we may have never achieved what we did.”

General Manager Customer Experience and Service Strategy, International Health Insurance Provider

“Great results; High integrity”

Head of Web Services, State Government of Victoria

“Her holistic approach to organisational strategy, communications, and project implementation is nothing short of excellent.”

Change Analyst, Global Accountancy Education Provider




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Helena Chen
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